Millefiore Cowl, Wimple and Wristlets/ Beaded Kits

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Holly Red
Holly Red
Some of Sivia's original pieces follow, photos © vivian aubrey
Some of Sivia's original pieces follow, photos © vivian aubrey

One kit left!


T'is definitely the season for cowls and wristlets and this oldie-but-goodie by Sivia Harding is really calling to me.  

The Design

Here is how Sivia describes her Millefiore Cowl, Wimple and Wristlets design: 

This versatile beaded trio is marvelously decorative, like the millefiore, or thousand-flowered beads that originated in Italy. Millefiore beads look very mandala-like, and I thought it a very appropriate name for a beautifully beaded garment that is knit entirely in the round.

Pattern is written and charted. Beads are added by two methods: pre-stringing and the crochet hook add-as-you-go technique.

In each piece, the lace pattern begins at the bottom with a scallop, then becomes a charming textured lace pattern that is lightly shaped as it goes up toward the top.

Wimple is long enough to gently cover the head. Wristlets can be worn either way: scallops extending over the hand, or toward the elbow.

What fun!

The Yarn and Colorways

As all that is needed is about 400 yards of a fingering weight yarn we thought this a great chance to play!

We just got in new yarn from Kelbourne Woolens and it is a really lovely one.  Andorra us a classic, strong, versatile 2-ply merino wool (60%), Highland wool (20%) and mohair (20%) blend yarn designed to give a vintage feel. 

Each skein has 185 yards so your kit will include three skeins, just to be sure you have enough for everything this pattern has to offer. 

Holly Red is a rich true red, perfect to celebrate Valentine's Day and to beat back the winter blues.

This is the only kit we still have in stock right now. 

The Beads

Bead requirements are for size 6/0 round or 4 mm magatama seed beads, 60 (180, 222) for pair of wristlets (cowl, wimple). 

So we will include one 35 gram container in each kit giving you about 420 beads + or -, enough for the cuffs and either the wimple or cowl, your choice. 

We can give you a bead color that mirrors the color of the yarn, one that contrasts strongly, or even a mix that includes both.  In fact, for the Snow White, if you choose to get a mix of colors, I think a rainbow blend would look awesome.  

We set the drop-down menu so you can choose one color bead or a mix.  If you have a color preference, tell me.  Otherwise I will select for you. 

The Pattern

The pattern is not automatically part of the kit.

We recommend that you purchase the pattern directly from Sivia on her Ravelry page here. This will ensure your pattern is saved in your Ravelry library and that you will get any updates as well. In this case, set the drop-down menu above to "No Pattern Needed." 

Or you might ask us to print it out for you and include it with your yarn -- in that case, set the drop-down menu to Printed Copy.

Alternatively I can email you the pattern; it won't be saved in your Ravelry library but you will have it and can save it where you choose.  For this, choose PDF File on the drop-down "Pattern" menu. Just bear in mind that it is not automatic -- I have to send it and usually do that right before shipping the kit.