Millefiore / Pattern by Sivia

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What a marvelous pattern! Perfect for fun and quick summer knitting, from Sivia Harding, and chock full of lovely beads!

Sivia writes:

"Millefiore is a trio, three patterns in one: wimple, cowl, and wristlets, beaded of course. This versatile trio is marvelously decorative, like the millefiore, or thousand-flowered beads that originated in Italy. Millefiore beads look very mandala-like, and I thought it a very appropriate name for a beautifuly beaded garment that is knit entirely in the round."

The pattern is both written and charted. The beads are added by two methods: pre-stringing and the crochet hook add-as-you-go technique.

What you need for this is fingering weight yarn, 400 yards. One 100-gram skein should be enough for a wimple and a pair of wristlets, depending on your gauge and knitting style.

The Wristlet ends up approximately 6.5"/16.5 cm around, 9"/23 cm long, measured unblocked.

The Cowl (Wimple) is 10 (15)"/25 (38) cm long, 24 (24)"/61 (61) cm around bottom edge, 20 (20)"/51 (51) cm around top edge, measured after blocking.

The gauge recommended is 23.5 sts and 32 Rounds = 4"/10 cm in lace pattern, measured after blocking -- a tighter gauge will result in a smaller circumference; looser gauge will result in a larger circumference.

You will need size 6/0 round or 4 mm magatama seed beads, 60 (180, 222) for pair of wristlets (cowl, wimple) plus a Size 13 or 14 US / 0.6 or 0.75 mm crochet hook to add them with. You also will want a dental floss threader or big eye beading needle to the pre-stringing method of adding the beads,which is also used.

These are really lovely!

You can have a marvelous time picking out yarn and beads -- to match, to contrast, to glow with vibrancy -- and have a glorious time creating!