Mirai from Noro: 2 Colorways

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Color 13
Color 13
Color 9
Color 9

From Noro, this is Mirai, a 40% cotton/ 25% silk/ 25% vscose/ 10% nylon, with 328 yards (300m) per 100g skein. 

No animal fibers at all. 

 The colors shift very subtly into long color runs.

The colorways don't have names.  I"ll try to describe them here:

1.  Color 13 is a mix of cool tones including blue, green, orange, lilac, and yellow predominantly. 

2. Color #9 is also cool overall but each hue is somewhat paler and mixed with a gentle neutral ecru.  I see pink and aqua, taupe and teal, a bit of lilac and some patches of green. 


I used two skeins (in a different colorway) to knit a beautiful Wingspan Shawl.  We were on vacation with some friends, one of whom wanted to learn how to knit.  I brought enough for both of us:  for me, it was a simple project that was great for knitting while daydreaming, and for her it was a great learning project.