Miss LaCreevy Shawl/ Pattern

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What a delightful shawl!

A Nina Machlin Dayton Design, this wonderful beaded beauty is named after a character in Charles Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby. The Miss LaCreevy Shawl uses a simple stockinette body to off set the beaded lace edging.

Shaped to stay on your shoulders with minimal effort, this shawl can be worn in any number of ways. The finished size is about 56" wide x 21" deep.

The original that is pictured here was knit using 500 yards of Malabrigo Sock.

Plus! As an intrinsic part of this design, Nina calls for 140 drop shaped or regular size 6/0 seed bead. You can see them peeking out at the border of the shawls in the photos. Gorgeous touch!

What I especially like with this one is one of our colors in the 4mm Megatamas or 4x7mm Long Megatamas. With their off-center hole, these will dangle beautifully and the silver lining will allow them to shine like little raindrops.

This will be much fun...