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Kit A: Tahiti, Magenta, Spirulina
Kit A: Tahiti, Magenta, Spirulina
Kit B: Teal, Turmeric, Cactus Flower
Kit B: Teal, Turmeric, Cactus Flower
This as well as the following photos show some of Steffi's original mittens.
This as well as the following photos show some of Steffi's original mittens.
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I have been on a mitten kick -- fingerless as well as full.  I have been having a lovely time making them as gifts for special friends.  They are fairly quick to knit and oh-so-very appreciated!

So as I have been knitting I've also been searching. I tend to like patterns that have something kind of special to them, something a bit unusual or quirky or just simply new to me so my interest is piqued.

This design, Mittens "Rasante" by Steffi Hochfellner ticks all those boxes. With the extra-added attraction of being knit in a totally unusual fashion, it is truly my cup of tea!


Please be sure to get your pattern from the designer herself.  You can get it via her Ravelry page here. 

Our kits do not include the pattern but rather are simply yarn we thought would be perfect for creating these unusual mittens.


The Design

Here is what Steffi writes:

For a long time I pondered the idea of designing diagonally striped mittens with integrated thumbs.

It took me a lot of calculating, testing, time, and nerves, but finally I can present you my RASANTE mittens. I think they look quite dynamic, hence the name.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, YOU WILL WORK THE MITTENS IN ONE PIECE WITHOUT ANY SEWING! (Okay, two tiny holes have to be closed, but that‘s it.) The trick is an interesting mix of knitting in rows and rounds, using provisional cast on and three-needle bind-off.

All my test knitters told me that the first mitten they knitted seemed a bit complicated, but once they understood the system, they considered it rather easy.

For better understanding one mitten is explained in full detail, with loads of pictures and tipps how to alter the instructions for better fitting your individual hand size. After knitting your first pair or two you will be able to design your own mittens with different gauges and stripe patterns!

In the pattern you’ll find four sizes – one for kids and three different sizes for adults and an interesting idea how to choose the right pattern size for different gauges.

The Yarn and Colorways

Our kits do not offer Steffi's original yarn.  You can see our choices in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.

I was delighted to find that Manos del Uruguay offers their delightful Alegria Grande yarn in small skeins, perfect for a design like this. The yarn itself is 75% merino superwash/ 25% nylon and each of these mini skeins gives you about 50 yards (45m) per 25g. 

So we set up two trios to offer as kits.  Again, our colors do not duplicate Steffi's original mitterns so use your imagination a bit.

And if you would like more than three colors in your mittens (as in many of Steffi's original ones), well you can get both of them! :-)


Kit A includes the almost-solid tonal colors of Spirulina (a green-yellow) + Magenta (a rich red-violet) and Tahiti (a medium sea green).

Kit B's trio gives you Teal (a deeper teal than Tahiti), Cactus Flower (a rich rose), and Turmeric (a sunflower gold). 



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