Mixed Jelly Beans Socks/ Pattern by Jackie E-S

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An oldie-but-goodie from Jackie E-S of Heart Strings Fiber Arts, this is a lovely little sock pattern designed with beads and lots of the spirit of fun!

Here is what Jackie writes:

"Give your feet some sweet fun for Easter time or anytime. Choose a multi-color yarn, solid color yarn, and have fun putting together a random bead mix of some of the colors in the multi-color yarn. Then you're set to make these socks with their mixed bead colors nestled into the solid-color ribbed pattern and coordinating multi-color feet. An extra bonus is the hint of slipped stitches in the arch/instep area hugs foot for a super- comfortable fit.

"This pattern is dedicated to a dear friend Robin Driscoll. She gave me the initial inspiration for using mixed-color beads on sock leg to match the yarn color in foot of sock (where you can't put beads for a typical wearable sock – although one day I will make an artistic pair of socks with beads all over and name it "these are the socks that try men's soles" [laughing]).

"Not yet having a name for the sock design, I happened to come across a bag of jelly beans on my snack shelf – those jelly beans reminded me of the medley of bead colors and the happy feeling of these socks. And Robin is one of the happiest and most out-flowing warm-hearted people I know, so the name stuck. Of course, you can choose other colors and name your socks whatever feeling (or food group) they remind you of!"

So hat's off to Jackie and Robin and let's have some fun!

Choose a solid color sock yarn and a multi-color sock yarn. You will need a small skein of each -- between 125 yards and 160 yards.

And then you need to choose beads!

If you prefer a single color of bead, then one container of 8/0 will have plenty for you -- you only need between 720 and 840, depending on the size sock you make. But the fun here is to get a mixture based on the colors of your multi-colored yarn.

Here are Jackie's specifications:

Adult Medium[Large].

Light sportweight yarn - 125[160] yards each of multi and solid colors, 7¾ stitches/inch, size US 1 / 2.5 mm needles suggested, plus needles one size larger.

720[840] size 8/0 glass seed beads (approximately 25 g) of mixed colors like those in multicolor yarn.

Shown in Steinbach Wolle Strapaz in colors #29 (solid) and #132 (multi).

Miyuki beads in mixed colors of red, green, cobalt, sapphire, chartreuse, medium-dark amber, and light gold crystal -- if you would like a special mix made up for you, order one of the Bead Soup Mixes and specify using the "Comments" section as you check out what you 'd like.

We strongly urge that you go for the heavier fingering weight or very light sport weight -- you need a yarn that will fit the 8/0 beads and most sport weights will not. Go for 15 wpi, if you are checking your stash for this beauty.

This is a really neat design. We hope you enjoy.

And compliments of Joan, who made these lovelies, take a look below at another way to go with this pattern. Joan worked out with us getting a mix of 8/0 beads to "go" with her pink yarn, and then followed the pattern with the one colorway plus the beads to create socks that are truly lovely and very much her own creation.

Way to go!