Miyuki Unions: Crystal Green Rainbow 6/0

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These are a new type of Miyuki beads called Union beads (or sometimes Fusion beads).  Uniting Japanese quality and Czech beauty, these are Miuuki seed beads made in Japan that are then sent to the Czech Republic to be coated with beautiful Czech Glass finishes. 

Please note:  we asked about durability of these finishes. Here is what we were told: "All finishes “hold up” but are in no way permanent finishes but are very popular coatings that can withstand “normal” usage. Not exposed to extreme sun, sweat or perfume, they will do fine."

They are gorgeous!  And perfect for matching with some of the stunning Czech tear drops and daggers that we use in many of our jewelry kits.  

 Miyuki quality is considered the best in the world overall.


These are a lovely neutral with the faintest green tinge to it, plus highlights that capture all sorts of prism colors. 


Packaged in containers holding roughly 20 grams -- you can figure there are approximately 12 beads per gram.