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Jennifer's original
Jennifer's original

This is essentially a page for getting a marvelous cake of yarn.  Plus a strong suggestion for a pattern that will work beautifully with it. 


The Moon Dragon Capelet has been on my radar for a while.  Here is what the designer (Jennifer Kirchenbauer)  writes:

These scale segments are not only dimensional, but overlap a bit and flex like armor plates.

Worked from knit (inner) side… No one wants to work only purls - am I right?

The directional YO closures and the inverse cdd will seem tedious and fiddly at first, like most new techniques. Remember learning cables? But you will get used to them.

You do need to pay attention to your knitting, but it has a logical progression.


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from Jennifer on her Ravelry page here.  If for any reason you cannot use Ravelry, you can also find this pattern on this website here. 


Yarn and Colorway

The original yarn Jennifer used to make her prototype was Rios from Malabrigo.  What she recommends is a worsted weight yarn that is a "tightly plied, round “springy” yarn."  

We offer the following from Noro: Tsubame, 50% silk + 25% wool + 25% nylon with 656 yards per 200 grams.

Most Noro yarns are minimally processed so that they might feel a bit rough coming off the skein.  I have found that after washing the finished piece, it softens up deliciously.  And this yarn with its high silk content is especially marvelous. 

Classified as a worsted weight yarn, the plies are tight and the colors are beautiful.  Each cake is dyed with long color runs.  It won't give you the exact look that Jennifer achieved by alternating two Rios colorways but it will give you a most striking gradiently colored cowl.  

The colorway we offer here is really strikingly lovely.  Called Oyama (colorway #11), it is a cool melody with mostly varying purples and blues, and some teal as well. 


No, Jennifer didn't add beads to this design but take a look at this beauty by NightSeaKnits here.

Our kits won't automatically include beads but should you like some, I suggest choosing from either our 6/0s or our 5/0s.  And if you'd like help choosing, just contact me and we can talk.