Moonrise Neckpiece/ Custom Variation/ MoonFlower at Moonrise

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Oh yes indeed.

This is a variation of our oh-so-popular Moonrise Neckpiece designs with some quite striking changes. And quite a few fancy beads!

Here the kit includes some stunning crystals and other large pieces plus special directions for threading which will allow you the choice of having the clasp to lie on the side of the neck, for a most intriguing look!

Each kit includes a marvelous collection of brilliant beads and fire polish crystals and other larger striking beads (tear drops, daggers, and the like) to form the centerpiece.

And in your choice of basic colorways.

The finished product will not not not not (!) look exactly like Sivia's as shown here -- this is only here to give you the concept.

What each kit will include is one copy of the pattern with directions on how to make one of these special bead-and-crystal creations with either the clasp on the side or (should you prefer it) the more usual position behind the neck.

(If you already have the pattern, there is an option to get the kit without -- make sure the drop-down menu is set as you wish it to be.)

Included in each kit will be a skein of Vineyard Silk in the generous 30 yard amount.

Plus a minimum of 20 grams of smaller beads and a good amount of a crystal-and-larger-bead mix to match.

Plus a clasp.

Now the clasp is not the same as the one shown here, but we have some wonderful toggles in silver tone and in gold tone.

So you will be able to make a lovely piece, in your choice of styles (side-clasp or back-clasp). You can choose your basic colorway via the drop-down menu -- bear in mind that these colors listed are "family" colors and the mix will play with the hues that go together to make up that overall look.

If you would like to have a special necklace made to match a shawl or other garment, choose the "Custom" choice and give us as much data as you can via the "Comments" section as you check out.

Make sure the other menu is set as you would like too, and let us know any special vision that you have for this.

And we'll work with you to put together something we think you will find marvelous -- wonderful to knit, sublime to wear.