Moonshadow Stole/ Pattern by Sivia

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We used to carry this wondrous design, by Sivia Harding, in kit form in the exact yarn and beads that she used as seen in the photo to the right.

Now we thought that some knitters might prefer a different yarn, for whatever reason -- be they allergy to wool, or Vegan sensibility, or just plain wanting a change or preferring another --- hey, that's what this craft is all about isn't it? Creating your own take on beauty.

So here is the pattern all by itself, with data on the beads to go with it.

Let me just say first that this is a breathtaking design by Sivia Harding which creates an absolutely stunning stole.

Sivia's own description:

"Lace in a midnight garden! This lengthwise-knit stole features beaded edges and borders, conjuring images of enchanting waves of moonlight. The lace pattern is easy enough for beginners, while intriguing enough for seasoned lace knitters."


What you will need is roughly 1000 yards of a fingering weight yarn, a solid or semi-solid colorway being advised (but again, knitter's choice). And 514 beads, either one of the 4mm megatamas, or any of our 6/0 beads. If you would like help picking them out, do email us -- we love playing with colors.

We think this pattern will bring you joy.