Moroccan Days/ Arabian Nights - Pattern by Sunflower Designs

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice.  


And another absolutely lovely stole design by Susan Pandorf of Sunflower Designs, this one with our heart's delight -- beads!

Those of you who are in Ravelry might be interested in the fact that there is a KAL going on there for this stole.

It is absolutely gorgeous -- using 2000 yards of lace weight yarn and 5000 size 8/0 seed beads, you will be well on your way to making a real masterpiece, in all senses of the word.

Susan writes the following: "This pattern involves extensive beading. You have a choice of two methods. Beads are either strung onto our yarn before you start knitting or hooked onto stitches with a crochet hook as you go."

She recommends Sivia Harding's tutorial as found in the Spring 06 issue of -- we have also found this to be a wealth of data. It can be found by following the link below.

Notice that each of our containers of 8/0 beads has about 1400 beads -- so figure on getting four containers. That will give you extra and allow for spillage. If you would like a thin crochet hook that will work with the 8/0 beads and the lace weight yarn, then go for one that is at most 0.6mm. We have these in stock -- let me know if you need help finding them.

Really striking stole -- this one is amazing and well worth the time. Play around with the photos we have up and get a good idea of what a beauty this is.