Naked Gardening/ Beaded Kit in Lace Weight Marina/ 3 Color Choices

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Another shot of Kristina's original piece
Another shot of Kristina's original piece

This is pretty special. 

I will let Kristina Vilimaite (the amazing designer) tell you about Naked Gardening: 

No, I don’t garden naked. And no, for now I have no plans to start. But if I do, one day, I would still wear a shawl ;)

Then why does the shawl bear this name? It is the last shawl from my Inner Gardens e-book. The book is both about real inner gardens with their flowers, birds and cats as well as about the gardens that are inside our hearts. Being naked there for me means seeing ourselves in our full beauty and loving ourselves just because we are.

Try out something extraordinary: The pattern contains a self-empathy practice based on Nonviolent Communication principles for developing the clarity about what we love and value in our relationships, in our life, in ourselves.

The shawl can be worked from either lace or fingering weight. Instructions for two sizes are provided, customization options are included. 

The pattern is fully written and charted.

The shawl will go well both with jeans and smart clothes. This asymmetric triangle is reversible and looks modern, while based on a traditional Shetland lace pattern. The lace is patterned on both sides, but it is rather rythmic and easy to work. Some 100 beads may be used to add some sparkle if desired.

The Yarn

The yarn we offer here is not the same as what Kristina used in her original pieces.  We show what we are offering in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  

I am afraid I don't have a lot of photos of the original shawl as knit by Kristina to show you -- and I don't have permission to show the photos of others finished pieces.  But if you go to these Project Pages you will see some real masterpieces and get a much better idea of the design. 

The yarn we have chosen in the new lace weight yarn from Manos called Marina.  

Each skein is 100% superwash merino wool, with 874 yards per 100g skein. 

So as the size ranges here require between 678 - 869 yards (620 - 795 m), you will have enough yarn to make either size of the shawl -- your choice! 

The Colorways

These are tonally dyed yarns, all based around one color and showing deep to medium to light of their particular hue. 

Denim is a perfect blue melody, ranging from the deep dark indigo of new jeans to the very light faded blue of your favorite old ones. Comfort and style come together. 

Arboretum lives up to its namesake, an arboretum being literally a collection of trees.  Here we have green and green and green, some with a touch of gold (think spring green or the olives of fall) and some with a touch of blue (think of evergreens and spruces) and some in the middle.  A song to life!

Sangre means blood in Spanish and this colorway is a play on reds.  There are deep dark rich reds, there are what I'd call true red (or maybe Christmas red?) and it even goes into a paler rose tone as well.  My favorite and I think Dracula would pick this one as well. (Sorry, sold out)

The Beads

The beads are an optional addition to this beauty -- and Kristina suggests size 8/0s, so the look will be somewhat subtle as the beads play peek-a-boo. 

If you are making the smaller one, you would need about 93 beads; if you decide to go with the medium you will need 117 of them.  We will include at least 250 (probably more) beads with your kit. 

I tend to prefer beads that mirror to some degree the yarn color, especially those with a silver lining so they stand out better.  But there are so many options and a bright silver neutral would also look awesome with any of these (or perhaps a gold).  

So if you have something in particular in mind or a look that you like, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

Note also that the kit will not automatically include the pattern. I know some knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Kristina via her Ravelry web page.

Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you via email (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you and generally do so right before I ship your kit).

This one sings to me.  And you might like to try out these self-empathy practices -- I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.  

And!  Kristina is running a KAL on her Ravelry forum for this shawl (or indeed any of her other patterns as well).  A wonderful opportunity to chat with like-minded knitters and ask questions and share delights.