Natsu Cardigan/ Kits in 100% Rustic Silk

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Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
The original cardigans, all © Ambah O'Brien
The original cardigans, all © Ambah O'Brien


I just received some gorgeous (truly!) skeins of Ella Rae Rustic Lace.  This is a fingering weight yarn of 100% silk with that feel of raw silk you might be familiar with.  The colors are awesome -- blends of many making a whole.  (More details below.) 

So as I was contemplating designs it might work well with, Ambah O'Brien released her new Natsu Cardigan.  

Perfect!  Very big smiles here!


Please be sure to get the pattern directly from Ambah on her Ravelry page (in fact she is discounting it until midnight July 31).  We offer from this page this wonderful yarn to knit it with. 


The Design

Here is what Ambah writes:

Natsu, a Japanese word meaning born in summer, appropriate for this light weight cardigan whose beginnings were in summer... 

Designed to be oversized, you may choose to knit a smaller size for a more fitted garment.

This raglan cardigan is worked top down, with the sleeves being separated near the waist. Once separated, minimal knitting is required to finish the body and sleeves. Stitches are picked up and worked for the eyelet collar. The pattern includes a handy progress chart to check off as you knit.

Natsu is available in a bevvy of Women's sizes from 30-52" and is so flattering. Have a look at the pattern page to see modeled version on a 33”/84 cm bust model and a 43”/109 cm model. Then peek in the project pages to see all the gorgeous version knit up by the wonderful Natsu test knitters.

Yarn and Colorways

For the original cardigan Ambah knitted she used linen yarn from Shibui.  Our yarn offering is different, as you read above.  You can see what we have in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.

She recommends simply using fingering weight yarn.  Which is what we have --and oooh-la-la!

Ella Rae Rustic Silk is a 100% Silk yarn with 437yards / 100g.  Each colorway is "printed" and combines a bevy of colors in dots and dashes to form the whole.  

(And I don't mean to raise any alarm bells, but I was told that the entire Ella Rae line is being quietly discontinued.  So I honestly don't know for how long I will be able to bring these in.)


Silk is an amazing fiber that has a reputation of being cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I copied this from this website about silk:

Silk textiles have long been recognized for their ability to help regulate body temperature in children and adults alike...

Silk has been helping people stay warm and keep cool for thousands of years!

The secret to silk's success boils down to very fine construction.

Derived from the cocoons of silkworms, silk fibers are mostly constructed of natural proteins that have been spun together. The resulting long, double stranded fibers are much more similar to human hair than common plant-based textiles like cotton and linen, which helps explain why silk fabric is so well-suited to regulating body temperature.

When you are too warm or too cool, silk acts as a permeable barrier between your skin and the surrounding air. It absorbs and dissipates excess heat, then reflects enough body heat back onto the wearer to keep temperature consistent.


Our colorways: 

1.  Graceland (color #6) is an amazing blend of hues.  The overall look in dimmer light is of a grey but in reality it mixes blue and teal and dark gold with a soft grey.  Most beautiful.  

2.  Rosenberg (color #4) is overall a look of rose.  Close to, one sees it mixes pink, rose, grey, and amber tones.  

3.  Niagara Falls (color #7) is, as the name suggests, a blends of blue.  There are pal eones and deeper ones, creating a look of wondrous depth. 


Each kit will include 3 skeins or a total of 1,311 yards (1200m).  This will give you enough yardage for sizes from a finished bust of 30" (76 cm to 48" (122 cm). 

There is one large size which requires just a bit more:  1,374 yards (1,257m). For that we suggest an extra skein, just in case (contact me to set this up if this appeals).