Nereid/ Kits with TUS Gradiance Sets

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Kit A:  Twilight + Silver
Kit A: Twilight + Silver
Kit B:  Painting the Roses + Soft Gold
Kit B: Painting the Roses + Soft Gold
Paola's original shawl, this and the following photos © Paola Albergamo.
Paola's original shawl, this and the following photos © Paola Albergamo.

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As soon as I saw this great design by Paola Albergamo, I knew we had to figure out a way to put together kits for it.  I contacted Kelly of The Unique Sheep (TUS) and we put our heads together. 

This is the result -- two colorways for you to choose between to make Paola's stunning Nereid

Please note! You must get this pattern is via Paola's Raverly page. We do not carry it; this kit is for yarn only. 


The Design

This is what Paola writes:

The Nereids are sea nymphs, symbolizing everything that is beautiful and kind about the sea. They were represented as very beautiful girls, dressed in silk robes trimmed with gold. 

The shawl features rows of golden spirals on a blue background, similar to sea foam. Wearing this shawl will make you feel like a real sea nymph!

The spirals are small colorful modules worked using just one color at a time and joined seamlessly while knitting. They are arranged in groups worked sideways. 

Joining areas are worked to join the groups of spirals between them (again with no seaming), with perpendicular lines that link one spiral from a group to another from the other group. These golden lines give a different movement to the design, reminiscent of the wake of a ship. 

Nereid is a shawl worked in simple garter stitch and still it looks so complex! 

The Yarn and Colors

We do not have the same yarn that Paola used in her original.  When I wrote to her, she responded that she had worked with a gradient set with 5 different colors. Each skein was approx 60 gr and 250 yds. There was some yarn left. She also knit with a different color for the CC, as well. She had an entire 100 g skein, but I think I used half of it.

So here is what Kelly and I put together: 

Using as the base yarn TUS's new Verve2, a 100% superwash merino, we put together Gradiance sets of five 60g skeins, each with 240 yards.  Plus for the contrast color, a single solo color, in a skein of 400 yards/ 100g. 


Kit A: The idea here was cool nighttime ocean colors with sparkling silver foam on the waves.

 Twilight as the Gradiance set, moving gradually from grey to blue to purple.  The contrast skein is Silver, a light-ish silvery gray. 

(Sorry, Kit A is sold out)


Kit B: I love the combo of reds and golds -- rich and imperial --- and thus this kit.  

Painting the Roses is the Gradiance set, moving from a pink into a rose into a red.  These are not pale pastels but rather cool reds a bit on the blue side.  The contast skein is Soft Gold, as close to a gold color as a non-metallic fiber can show. 


A wonderful knit!  We think you will have great fun with this one. 


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