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Kit B
Kit B
Susanna's original shawls.
Susanna's original shawls.

A stunning design by Susanna IC, here is how she describes Neringa:

This design was inspired by the ebb and flow of tides and the constantly shifting meandering lines where the shore and the ocean meet. The colors of the water and the sand intermingle as they gradually trade places and overtake each other.

Neringa, meaning ‘seacoast’, is all about this interplay of two contrasting colors combined with interesting textures reminiscent of the frothy ocean waves.

The pattern includes two shapes to choose from: my classic crescent shawl, worked from the top down and shaped with easy garter stitch short rows; and a rectangular stole, which is worked sideways to avoid tricky center joins.

The pattern stitches are easy enough even for a novice lace knitter; the pattern includes only a few basic lace stitches combined with simple garter and stockinette stitch textures.

Also included are the directions for an optional Infinity Cowl.

The Yarns and Colors

The pattern is written for fingering weight yarn, but both shawls can be worked in lace weight as well as sport weight and DK yarns.

None of our kits use the yarn which Susanna used for her original piece -- you can see our selections in the inset photo in the lower righthand corner of the top picture on this page and right below that. The photos of the finished pieces are of Susanna's originals -- the red one being the stole and the one of lime and grey being the crescent shape. These are here so you can picture better how your finished shawl will look. 

The Crescent shape requires about  700 - 750 yards total; the Stole again needs two contrasting colors of fingering weight yarn, this time with approximately 600 - 650 yards total.

Susanna mentions that both solid and tonal yarns will work with this project beautifully as long as there is enough contrast between the two yarns so that the color changes are clear.

She also mentions that "gradient or ombre yarns could work for this project as long as they are combined with a solid color that contrasts with all the colors of the gradient."

In the following yarns, we have the best of both worlds:  gradually changing colors while still remaining tonal close-to-solids. 

(Sorry, we are no longer able to offer Kit A.)

Kt B:  This kit is made up of Painted Desert from Knitting Fever.  This is a 100% wool yarn with 437 yards (400m) per 100 gram ball.  

The yarn is plied and has very long color runs giving a lovely slightly tweeded look with beautifully changing colors. Their most recent colorways are extremely subtle, all tonal blends that go from a deep to a lighter very gradually.  

This kit combines Violet Hill (a wonderful run of lighter to darker rich purples and violets) with Cornerstone, a blend of greys into blacks. 


Kit C is no longer available, sorry. 


Each kit will include one skein of each, giving you well more than you need yardage-wise of lovely fingering weight. 


This shawl can also be knit using beads. I quote Susanna here:

As requested by knitters in my group, I added a beaded option to the charts and information about this has been added to the specifications. 

What is needed for the Crescent is approximately 700 seed beads size 6/0 whereas the Stole requires approximately 525 seed beads in size 6/0.

Each kit will include roughly 60 grams of size 6/0 beads to give you about 720 beads, enough for either. 

They might be beads that will contrast and stand out strongly; they might be beads that mirror one or more of the colors of the yarn and blend a bit more.  If you have a preference, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

The kit will not automatically include the pattern.

I know some knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Susanna via her Ravelry web page. In that case, make sure the drop-down menu is set to "No Pattern Needed."  

This is actually what we would recommend as this way the pattern is saved for you in your Ravelry library and you will also automatically get any needed updates.

Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, then the "Pattern" drop-down menu should be set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you via email (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you and usually do it right before I ship your kit).