New Colors of Merino Cloud

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Merino Cloud, colorway #605
Merino Cloud, colorway #605
Merino Cloud, colorway #36
Merino Cloud, colorway #36

We just got in new coloways of Merino Cloud from ArtYarns and they are lovely!


Each skein comes with a link for ArtYarn's Merino Cloud 4-Pattern Collection for free (this is a $35 value).  

So if you would like one or two or even all three of these, then simply put your selected colorways into your cart -- pick the ones that sing to you.  This web page is set up for one skein at a time.  


The Yarn and Colorwas

Merino Cloud is a 80% fine merino/ 20% cashmere blend with 437 yards per 100g skein.  

The three new colorways are: 

1.  Color #605 has a cream base and sections of lime and pink and rose and spatterings of lilac.  

2.  Color #36 is a tonal blend of varying lilacs, ranging from light to medium, with aster, wisteria, violets as well. This works well with both of the other colorways without repeating colors in either.