New Fangled Bangle/ Many Color Options

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Such a simple yet elegant piece to knit!

I had a small amount of a Bead Soup mix left over from another bracelet -- with beads and daggers and drops and donuts in crystals and silvers and jets (I really like this mix) and a small amount of thread left from another bracelet. I just absently threaded the beads and when I finished I looked at it and thought, "But why did I do this? What can I make?".

So I basically just played with the design of the Swirled Bead bracelet, but with the beads placed on one side only. And then, when the size seemed right, I joined the ends to make a bangle.

Well, the end result is stupendous, if I do say so myself. I am so pleased. The swirling effect with all these sizes and shapes of beads actually only gives the bracelet the look of roundness. The joins are invisible. I really love how it looks.

A simple and elegant bangle. Yup.

Easy to make. Delightful to wear.

If you already have the pattern for one of the swirled bracelet, or can figure it out from my description above, just get the kit without the pattern. The kit will consist of one spool of thread (either Fine Braid or Tapestry Braid) and a small container of Bead Soup mix (about 20 grams). You might very well get two bangles out of this -- I am not sure but I wouldn't be surprised.

We suggest size 0 needles (not included in kit).

Choose your colorway from the drop-down menu below -- the one shown here is Silvers/Crystals, though there are also jets (blacks) and vitrails for contrast.

Almost instant gratification! And great fun.

Have fun!