New Fangled Flower Bangle/ Take 2!

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This is a bracelet design we offered quite a few years ago. We just found some absolutely lovely Three Petal Flower beads that I couldn't resist -- so we are hereby resurrecting our simple New Fangled Flower Bangle, just in time for summer wear!

Here is a lovely new addition to our simple bangle design.

We added, to the basic bangle design, four Three Petal Flowers, each threaded at a different length and added to the bracelet.

The result?

Even more fun in a very very simple knitted concoction.

Choose your color flowers -- tell us via the drop-down menu and we will put together a Bead Soup mix and thread based on your color choice.

The main photo you see to the upper right and again in the first two pictures below was made with the Fuchsia/Lemon flowers.

The others we currently have are: (in the order they are pictured below):

Crystal with Silver Wash (This is a lovely neutral - picture these with a mix of crystals and silver beads plus a silver thread)

Marea/ Peacock/ Gold (These are the same striking colors that are also part of the daggers in Version II of the Bird of Paradise Bracelet -- they will be put together with a mix of rose and purple and green and gold and silver beads. If you have a preference for thread color, let us know as you check out via the "Comments" section. Otherwise we'll choose for you.)

Pink/Blue (This colorway sounds so pedestrian but is a rich and lovely mix of teals and turquoise and rose -- and that is the bead mix that will go with it plus a thread to go with that.)

Each kit will contain a pattern (or not, if you so choose), a 20 gram container of the bead soup mix, a spool of thread, four flowers, enough size 8/0 beads or 3.4mm drop beads to do the flowers as shown here (or get creative and add them your own way).

A joyful addition to warm weather knitting!