New Fangled Necklace / Kit/ Many Color Options

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And here is the next logical step after the New Fangled Bangle-- the knitted necklace to match.

I took one spool of Tapestry Braid, and some bead soup and started threading. I kept going until I got bored (probably about 40" worth of beads threaded on) and started knitting. I used the basic swirling pattern that we've used for the bangle (as well as other bracelets) and just kept going as long as I could.

My very spur-of-the-moment creation measures 23 inches. To this I added a magnetic clasp and put it around my neck.


I like!

But frankly, I think it would be even better longer. That is my personal aesthetic opinion.

So we are offering this kit, containing the following -- the pattern (if you need it), a 35 gram container of Bead Soup (in colorway of your choice -- see drop-down menu below -- the one pictured here is what we refer to as silvers/crystals, even though there are some blacks and vitrail finish beads as contrast as well).

And *two* spools of thread or the equivalent (minimum of 20 yards total). That way you can make it as long as you wish to. And can wear it long or doubled or even tripled. Should be superb. We will be enclosing either silk thread or one of the soft metallics (the ones we use in the bracelet kits) depending on the colors to hand. Either type works very well here. 

And the magnetic clasp with directions for attaching. These are very powerful little magnets -- keep them away from your CDs and the like and if you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker (or just prefer non-magnetic), tell me to substitute a different clasp. Please.

These jewelry pieces are really addictive! And they get such great compliments....