New Kindred Spirits: 4 Colorways

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A new and quite unique set of yarns from The Alpaca Yarn Company, Kindred Spirits is a braided set comprised of two Halo Watercolor skeins (that's 257 yards each x 2 = 514 yards) plus one Mariquita skein (400 yards).

So 2 + 1 = an amazingly delicious set of yarns dyed in companion colorways. With a total of 914 yards, you have quite a lot of yarn to knit into a gorgeous piece!

These are fingering weight yarns that go together beautifully.

Mariquita is an amazing feel, with 50% baby alpaca/ 50% tencel fiber, and beautifully subtle variations of tone.

Halo Watercolors is is a brushed Suri Alpaca. While it looks like mohair, it has an amazing softness with none of the itchy-ness that you might find in mohair. Suri alpaca is very rare and very lustrous and is perfect for lacy projects. Each 25g ball contains an amazing 257 yards of hand-dyed loveliness. And even though it might seem like lace weight, the halo expands and it works best as a fingering weight.

These are four colorways specially dyed for these sets and we brought in all of them. In alphabetical order:

1. Atlantis has an overall green cast. The colors of the Mariquita are very reminiscent of watercolors, with that same lovely delicacy.I see it as green and teal and aqua with whispers of rose and violets. The Halo is a bit deeper, with the greens predominating though also with violets and teals.

2. Carnival is predominantly a blue cast. The Mariquita is again a subtle play on colors -- a snippet of Monet's Waterlilies perhaps. The blues also play with pale greens and pinks and a few suggestions of other hues. The Halo is a deeper and richer tone, with royal blue and greens mostly though pinks also shine through.

3. Hibiscus is the only one of the four that has mostly solid colors to it. It is a bright sunset colorway. The Mariquita is subtle variations on amber with some tone more rose and some more gold. The Halo is a rich red-orange with highlights of a brighter golden orange and some peach as well.

4. Nebula really sings to me with its primarily violet tones. The Mariquita has lilac with whispers of green and gold to it. The Halo is darker again with royal purple and small highlights of gold and blue.


There is a pattern which was designed specifically for Kindred Spirits. Created by Cheryl Dawson, this can be made using one set of any of these colors. It is shown on this page as knit in Nebula.

To describe it, I quote the designer: This is a gorgeous take on an old standard - Feather & Fan. The increases for the shoulder and back are worked so seamlessly into the pattern that you almost don’t realize you are adding them. The textures of the 2 yarns, Halo & Mariquita make the yarn the star of this surprisingly easy pattern. Because it starts with a collar, it sits beautifully on your shoulders and is easy to wear.

You can see Sevaw on the top photo,as the one to the right-hand side. It is again the next to last photo on this page.


Note also that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

The Sevaw pattern can be gotten via Ravelry -- check it out here.


However you go, with this pattern or with another, this yarn will help it be gorgeous.