New (well, new-ish) Website

You probably noticed something different about our website.  

It had to be re-vamped, re-developed, re-styled so that it would work well on Mobile Media devices.  But we did try to keep it as close to our original website as possible.  I know I personally hate it when my favorite "old" websites change, or go through major renovations, so this was something we tried not to do.  

We kept most of our familiar settings and added a few great new features too.  And you will find it is a much better site for viewing on cell phones and tablets and the like. 

The website went live on Friday -- we find there is usually less traffic over the weekend -- and so far so good.  Though we did find some bugs that needed fixing -- we kind of figured that that might happen and are staying very much on top of it. 

Come try us out!  And if you run into any snags, please bear with us.  Let us know and we'll work with you so your Earth Faire experience is smooth and joyful.