Nichole Flip-Top Mittens/ Pattern from Schaefer

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I have been really into making mittens lately. Don't ask why -- they just appeal to me knitting-wise right now. Short and quick and so-very- appreciated, I haven't found any pair going without a home.

And especially high on everyone's list, I have found, is the designs which give one flip-top mittens, where the top can be taken down when dexterity is needed and left up for warmth.

This pattern, by Laura Nelkin, is a simple version -- very easy to do and most rewarding. It is designed to be made with one skein of Schaefer's Nichole, and the pattern gives directions for eight sizes ranging from a small toddler to a huge hunk of a man.

Nichole is a heavy fingering weight yarn, with 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon blend and 405 yards (370m) to its 5 ounce skein. The only other thing you would need, besides your knitting needles, would be two 1/2" buttons, to hold the flap and keep it from flapping annoyingly when it is in its "down" position.

I had great fun making these and my son is delighted with his new pair. Hope you will be too.