Noro Knitting & Crochet Magazine Issue 21: Fall/ Winter 2022/ 2023

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This is the 10th Anniverary issue of the Noro Magazine. 


I quote the editors here: 

Autumn is more of a season of the soul than a season of nature.  It is also a season for knitters to clebrate, so please join us in raising a toat to the 10th Anniversary issue of Noro Magazine!  

There is also a beautiful tribute to Eisaku Noro, who passed away recently.  It is not an exagerration to say that his vision of color changed the knitting world forever.


The magazine is chock full of stunning and intriguing designs.

One thing that particularly intrigued me is a marvelous afghan by Deborah Newton.  She designed a Japanese-inspired KAL Afghan using Silk Garden and Silk Garden Solo.  There will be 10 motif squares plus 10 solid squares and they are being released one per month, with instructions.   This link will take you to where you can download each month's new release -- the first square is available now (see the last photo on this page). 

I copied a few other of the designs to show you here too.  

Great magazine!