Noro Kotori: 3 Colorway Choices

#13 Imabari
#13 Imabari
#7 Toyama
#7 Toyama
#16 Kahoku
#16 Kahoku
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A blast from the past!

I had tucked these yarns away, planning to "do" something with them and then promptly forgot.  

Well, my error = your gain.  We are offering them now, for a short time at least, at a 20% discount!


This Noro yarn is Kotori, a quite intriguing yarn made up of 75% wool/ 10% cotton/ 8% viscose/ 7% silk and with 305 yards (280m)/ 100g.  Even before washing, this is a much softer-than-usual Noro yarn, lovely to the touch.  The color shifts are quite subtle. 

It is listed as worsted weight on Ravelry.  The label leads me to believe it might be closer to sport/dk.

The fiber content also makes it a wonderful between-seasons yarn. 

We have three colorways you can choose among: 

1. Kotori in colorway #13Imabari:  a mostly lilac base that runs somewhat pink into lilac into violet into blue with lots of flecks of brilliant colors (neon yellow, orange, lime, fuchsia)

2. Kotori in colorway #7, Toyama .  This is a wonderful mix of greens, from lime into true green and then a bit of teal.  And speckled with golds and pinks and blues and pinks. 

3. Kotori in colorway #16, Kahoku, a wonderfully Victorian look with antique rose into pink into rosewood and some lovely nuances in between.  The flecks include yellow, fuchsia, orange and white. 



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