Noro: Tabi: Kasugai

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This yarn literally took my breath away!

Well, I really am a Noro fan and when I saw this large ball of richness with some of my favorite colors gradually changing and blending one into the next, well I was hooked!

The yarn is called Tabi and is 65% wool/ 35% polymide.  Each pre-wound ball has 410 yards (375m)/ 150g.  And each colorway in each ball blends together an average of 8 colors.


This particular colorway is called Kasugai. I asked my son who lived in Japan for a while for a translation and tells me that there is both a town and a village in Japan with that name.    The colors of brown, lilac, violet, pink, green, mauve and gold and probably a few more I am just not seeing yet blend together gradually -- perhaps representing the hills and flowers around those places.  Quite beautiful in any event. 


What you see in the top photo is my beginning of a scarf called Anica by Alina Apposova.  She had originally knit it using a fingering weight yarn (Uneek) but I was going on a weekend trip and needed something quick to grab that would keep me entertained and not require too much concentration at all.  And there was the added plus that this yarn was already wound.

So far, I am really pleased.  The pattern is easy, the yarn is a joy to use, and I love the look.