Norwegian Woods Scarf or Shawl by Sivia

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We can now offer this pattern as either a downloadable PDF version or as a hard copy printed out and mailed to you -- your choice.  

Oh my goodness!

Sivia Harding has done it again -- this one is really heirloom quality.

Gorgeous and a joy to make --- a little piece of knitting heaven.

The photo of the piece, to the upper right, in blue is the scarf version -- done with 470 yards of lace weight yarn. It can also be done as a shawl (900 yards of laceweight) which you can see at the bottom or the page. Also at the bottom is the scarf worn in a completely different manner -- lovely lovely lovely!

And Sivia also writes:

"The shawl is designed for ease of modification: each of the three lace patterns can be repeated more OR fewer times and you will still be in perfect coordination with the next pattern. Keep in mind that your yarn and bead requirements will change... in this case, to accommodate a slightly slim yarn cache, but you could also easily upsize the shawl to a bigger width and length in this way." Which gives you a great range of options and expands possibilities in a most wonderful way.

The design depicts a forest progressing from winter into spring. A beautiful piece.

There are optional beads adding sparkle to the edge -- and guess who has those beads (she said, smiling quietly)?


Sivia used our 3x3 cubes --- or any of our 8/0 beads are also perfect for this --- and only 251 are needed for the shawl and 179 for the scarf. So that is less than 10 grams each!

Take a look in our lace weight section (or follow the link below) for some gorgeous possibilities.

If you would like some help, just email us --- and I can even pass on some advice from Sivia to anyone who would prefer working this piece in fingering weight yarn instead.


Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

This one is glorious.