Not-Orphans: Katia Darling Rainbow: Valentine Two

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These are Not-Quite-Orphan Skeins. 


They are high-quality yarns that we have a limited quantity of.  And with these, we cannot get any more -- once they are gone, poof!  Gone. 

We're not calling them exactly Orphans because as of right now we have a decent amount in stock. 

So if you have a great idea for these, you will be able to get a goodly amount of yardage at a great price.  

They are discounted significantly as we would like them to find a good home.


From Katia, Darling Rainbow has the same yardage and fiber composition as their better known Darling:  208 yards (190 meters) to each 50 gram ball. It is made of 60% of virgin wool and 40% polymide.

What is different about the Darling Rainbow is that the color runs are a bit shorter. 

This colorway we got in doesn't have a name -- it is colorway #304.

I'd call this a Valentine colorway --- let's call it Valentine Two.  I see pink, rose, red, magenta, violet and even some black.  

Really quite a lovely combination.  


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