Oasis Hideaway/ Kits with Bead Option

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Our Kiri set, 3:00 to 9:00 Dance of the Dryads
Our Kiri set, 3:00 to 9:00 Dance of the Dryads
Agnes' original
Agnes' original

This is a shawl I've had my eye on for a while. 

By Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes, Oasis Hideway has so very much going for it as a design.  And now we have put together kits with a great Gradiance from The Unique Sheep!

Get your pattern directly from the designer's Ravelry page here Our kit is made up of gorgeous yarn and beads.  

The Design

Here is what Agnes writes: 

Grab your favorite gradient skein and needles and let the colors of the yarn take you on an adventure.

At the Oasis Hideaway, the fronds of the green palms softly sway as a cooling breeze stirs the golden sands that stretch every distance. The silk fabric shimmers as the warmth of the sun peaks through the swaying fronds and warms the cooling shade of the hideaway. The oasis of the sparkling blue water colors the gradient of the landscape as the camels recharge. Far into the distance, perhaps only a mirage, the next oasis beckons in violet on the horizon.

For now, it’s time to sit back and relax, to hideaway in the oasis and knit the colors that surround us.

Oasis Hideaway is a crescent-shaped shawl worked from the top-down to the border. Charted and written instructions. US and metric measurements.

The shawl is easily adjustable in size, by working additional border rows, to have a custom size to use up more yarn, knit every color from your gradient into your shawl or add extra length.

The Oasis Hideaway is knit with a camel/silk blend gradient, to have the warmth and softness of the camel with the sheen of the silk combined with the beauty of a hand-dyed gradient. Your private oasis. Palms and golden sand not included.

The Yarn and Colorway

Well, our yarn isn't a camel/silk blend but it is a strikingly perfect gradient.  :-)

The yarn is dyed by Kelly of The Unique Sheep.   Kiri is an 80/20 blend of superwash merino/silk.  The set is composed of six gradiently dyed skeinettes of 108 yard/ 1 oz each so the total is about 648 yards. 

This will give you enough for the medium size, roughly 181 x 55.5 cm or 71¼ x 21¾ inches.

The colorway is from the color circle developed by Kelly that we named Dance of the Dryads.  You can see the full color circle on this page

What I selected for this shawl is the colors 3:00 to 9:00 on that color circle (if you picture it with a clock in the middle).  It goes from a delicious violet into a glowing brown and then a warm life-full green.  


Though beads are not specifically part of the pattern, there is no reason you cannot add them.  

In fact, if you look at the Project Pages quite a few knitters added them to their shawls.  Take a look at the ones here

We offer that option:  if you'd like to add beads we will give you a 25g container of size 6/0s or equivalent.  That should give you about 300 beads to play with. If you want more, let me know and we'll work it out. 

(And if you want the yarn only, make sure the drop-down menu labeled "Kit" is set to that.)

And if you have a preference on color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.