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Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
These following photos show some original pieces by Anna.
These following photos show some original pieces by Anna.

By Anna Victoria, this Oceana Shawl is a crescent triangular shape shawl, knitted top down.

It has beads and combines two yarn weights to create an unusual texture.Anna says it can be knit in multicolour or monochrome.

Get your pattern directly from Anna on her Ravlery page here. This kit is intended to give you beautiful yarn and beads only.  Note that this pattern is charted. 

What she suggests is two weights of lace weight yarn, one lighter than the other.  

Cobweb, laceweight, heavy lace weight. Parts of the shawl are knitted in finer weight yarn (cobweb) and parts are either knitted in same yarn held double, or in heavier weight yarn - lace or heavy lace.

Of course you can experiment to get the texture you like!

About 550.0 yards (502.9m) in total if knitted in two different weight yarns(single strand). Add about 300 yards (275m) if holding double.

What we have here are two kits, each with different lace weight yarns that struck me as looking  beautiful together. 

This is one of Anna's Re-Sizable shawls and you will have well more yardage than you need from our kits. 

Each of our kits includes a yarn with loooooong color runs.  This will give a very interesting effect in this design.  


Kit A:  There will be one skein of each of the following (if you would like an extra skein of the Silkpaca, let me know and if we have it in stock we'll work it out with you). :

1.  The first yarn is Baby Silkpaca from Malabrigo, a 70% baby alpaca/ 30% silk, with 420 yards (385m) per 50 gram skein. 

The colorway is Zarzamora and is a variegated beauty with purples and violets and blues and greens and just a touch of pink..  

2.  The yarn we chose with it is from Schoppel, the version of their Zauberball series called Laceball 100.  This is a single ply 100% merino superwash with 875 yards/ 800m per 100g ball.  (One ball will give you enough to knit it double if you so choose.) 

This colorway is Villa Rosa and is varying roses and lilacs and pinks, very gradually changing one into the next.  


Kit BOne skein of Baby Silkpaca and two of Edition 6 (if you would like an extra skein of the Silkpaca, let me know and if we have it in stock we'll work it out with you.) 

1.  Baby Silkpaca again, this time in the colorway called Vaa, a mix of rich greens, inclduing deep evergreen and dark olive, and nuances in between. 

2.  Another from Schoppel, this is Edition 6, 100% merino extrafine superwash, this time with a yardage of 328 yards/ 300m/ 50g.  The colors again change very gradually but this is a plied yarn so there is a more tweeded effect and each ply changes somewhat differently from its mate. (You will have two balls which makes it very easy if you decide to knit it double.)

This colorway is Waschtag and is again a play mostly of greens, with the additon of teal as well as the evergreen and some yellow-green as well as  a few surprise wines and purples. 


Beads are optional but are indicated in the charts for the pattern.  Anna doesn't specify how many beads are used but each kit will include a full container of about 35 grams of size 8/0 beads, which will give you roughtly 1,400 beads. 

If you have a preference on bead color, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 


Remember you must get your pattern from Anna on her Ravlery page here.