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Freia Shawl Ball in Metropolis
Freia Shawl Ball in Metropolis
Anne-Lise's original piece, © Anne-Lise Maigaard
Anne-Lise's original piece, © Anne-Lise Maigaard

Another beauty from Anne-Lise Maigaard, this St. Olof Lace Fichu is just lovely!

It is best if you get your pattern via the designer's Ravelry page. Tell me if there is any reason this doesn't suit you and we'll work with you to get you the pattern in another way.  Our kits of yarn (and possible beads) are described below.

 The Design

Here is what Anne-Lise writes: 

I love nature, and walking among trees and hills and seeing mountains in the distance is good for the soul.

However, I also love beautiful buildings, and churches and cathedrals have always appealed to me in a special way. The arches and the windows and the atmosphere just gives me a calm I don’t find in other places. I’m not in any way religious, but the buildings clearly meant something for someone and even ruins of cathedrals carry a special meaning.

I think we need both nature and culture as humans, in order to appreciate both. And the way the columns echo trees is not lost on me.

So this is my ode to that particular feeling I get when in a church or cathedral. I named the shawl St. Olof because of a very beautiful parish church situated in the village of St. Olof here in Skåne, Sweden. I only saw it from the outside, but the arch of the windows has stayed with me.


The shawl is worked from the neck down, first worked back and forth and then joined to work in the round. Two different versions of the “medallion” theme are offered, choose the one you like the best.

Anne-Lise rates the difficulty in this knit as between medium and advanced.  The pattern is charted, showing the right-side rows.  The wrong-side rows are worked as they appear with some small extra actions on occasion.  You will need to be able to read your knitting.  

Yarn and Colorways

Our kits are not made up of the same yarn as what Anne-Lise used in her original. And the colors are quite different as well.  You can see what we offer in the inset photos on the top picture and again right below that. 

What is needed is about 394 - 437 yards (360 - 400 m) of fingering weight yarn.

Here is what our kits are made up of:

From Freia Fibers, this is a fingering weight "Shawl Ball" of 100% US Cruelty-Free Merino, 430 yards (393m) per 100g ball. 

The yarn is dyed with extremely long color runs so that one ball goes through one color set. 

This colorway is called Metropolis and runs from a teal into an emeral, into an indigo into lilac and wisteria.  Or vice versa. 

You will notice that our photo shows two balls, one round in one direction and the other the reverse. They are both the same colors.  


No, there are no beads charted in this design.  Yet there are lots of places in the lace work where you could add beads if you so wish. 

We offer the option of getting beads in addition to the yarn for this kit via the drop-down menu above labeled "Kits." 

If you so choose, we will include a container holding roughly 20g of size 6/0 beads -- that will give you approximately 240 beads. 

Tell me if you want more or have another idea for what you would like.  I would be very pleased to work with you to put together exactly what you envision.

And for sure, let me know if you have a color preference; otherwise I will choose for you.



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