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Kit #1
Kit #1
Kit #2
Kit #2
Kit #3
Kit #3
Kit #4
Kit #4
Lily's shawl, © Lily Go
Lily's shawl, © Lily Go

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This is a real beauty. 

Created by Lily Go, Once Upon A Dream is an amazing shawl with two colorways of yarn and two colors of beads melding together into one awesome piece. 

It is best to plan to get your pattern directly from Lily on her Ravelry page hereThis will save it in your Ravelry library for you and ensure that you get any updates right away. 

If for any reason this doesn't suit you, let me know and I'll work out printed the pattern for you or emailing it directly.  

The pattern includes both charts and written directions.

The Design

Here is what Lily writes: 

Once Upon A Dream is an asymmetric triangle shaping on a bias, thus creating a long crescent shaped shawl. The shawls generous length is perfect for many styling options.

This shawl is knit using 2 pretty yarns that look good together. It can be solid, speckled or gradient yarn. Just to make it fun, I also include tons of beads with 2 colors (if beads are not for you, then you can omit them all together).

The Yarn and Colorways

Our kits do not use the same yarns or colors that Lily used in her original piece. You can see what we have in the inset photo on the top picture on this page and again below that.

The pattern is written so that it can be knit in either fingering weight or DK weight yarns.  Our kits use fingering weight yarns. 

Lily recommends solid, speckled or gradient yarns.  

Here are our kits: 


Kit #1:  A bright and happy set of colors.  

A.  From Malabrigo, Mechita is 100% superwash merino, a single ply with 420 yards/ 100g. The colorway is Paprika, a speckled wonder withvarying reds and oranges, golds and a smattering of greens.  

B. From Kelbourne Woolens, Andorra is 60% merino/ 20% highland wool/ 20% mohair with 185 yards/ 50 g. The colorway is Holly Red, a solid true red.  

This kit will include one skein of the Mechita and two of the Andorra which will give you enough yarn to make the size 4 shawl, with a wingspan of 83" and a depth of 18".  

(sorry, sold out)


Kit #2:  A cool melody

A.  The Mechita is another speckled colorway, this time called Moon Trio Crescent. With some cream natural showing through, this has a lot of variations on blues with some speckles in red and yellow as well.  

B.  From Shibui Knits, this is Staccato, 70% superwash merino/ 30% silk, with 191 yards/ 50g.  The colorway is a medium blue called Shore

This kit will have one skein of the Mechita plus two of the Staccato; again you can make size 4.  (sorry, sold out)


Kit #3: An autumnal look

A.  The Mechita in this kit is Gothic, a rich speckled yarn which has (in additon to some cream) a lot of black and red and red-orange along with speckles of gold and blue. 

B. From Prism Yarns is Merino Mia, 100% merino wool with 190 yards/ 50g.  The colorway is called simply #101 (no name) and is a solid goldenrod hue.  

The kit will have one Mechita and two Merino Mia; again good for a size 4. 


Kit #4:  A pair of speckled colorways, a unique look

A: The Mechita in this kit is Monte, mostly cream and black with some subtle peckles of blue-ish and pale yellow. 

B: It is paired with a Mad Tosh Sock, a plied 100% merino wool, with 395 yards.  The colorway is  called Optic, and is mostly the natural cream with speckles and dashes of black as well as occasional hidden dots of other colors (I found a yellow and a red as I searched).  

The kit will give you one skein of each, again perfect for a size 4. 

(sorry, sold out)


This shawl uses two different bead colors, Color A to match the Color B yarn and Color B to match the Color A yarn.  

For the size 4 shawls, Lily recommends 579 of Color A bead and 208 of Color B bead.  We will include more than you need of size 6/0 beads, either Miyuki or Toho.

If you have an definite preference on bead colors tell me.  Otherwse wll choose for you. Obviously the Color B beads cannot cover all the colors in each speckled skein but we will select beads that will mirror a major color there.