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This and each of the remaining photos on this page shows the original shawl as Bronwyn knit it.
This and each of the remaining photos on this page shows the original shawl as Bronwyn knit it.

I am sure you have had this experience:  a skein of yarn just sings to you and you have to take it home.  But once home it doesn't seem to want to transform into anything else.  It is gorgeous as a skein of yarn; you need a pattern to allow it to shine through. 

I would be embarrassed to tell you how long I've been saving these yarns, just waiting for the right pattern to kit them with.  

Here comes One & Done to the rescue!

The Design

I will let the amazing designer, Bronwyn aka Casapinka, tell you about this: 

I often long for a “one and done” project that is repetitive and foolproof, where the yarn does all the work for me. Like many of my patterns, this is best used with a variegated yarn, preferably a skein that you love so much you don’t know whether to knit or frame it. With periodic garter ridges, ribbing that widens after dropping stitches, and an eyelet border, this will maximize the beauty of your special skein of yarn.

She goes on to assure knitters that if you have made a shawl with any type of increases then you are ready for One & Done.  So simple yet very lovely indeed. 

The Yarn and Colorways

The yarns we offer here are not the same as what Bronwyn used in her original.  You can see our yarns in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are here with the designer's permission so you can get a good idea of the design itself. 

Truly all that is needed is one skein of variegated sock yarn that you absolutely love. 

The finished shawl that you see here ended up to be 13” deep by 87” around bottom border. Note that prior to blocking, the shawl might very well appear to form a peak at the top and be slightly bunched up due to the ribbing. Again I quote, "This all magically disappears as you drop the stitches and the shawl expands, like a caterpillar into a butterfly."

What we have here are some strikingly beautiful skeins from Madeline Tosh.  The first two are dyed in Tosh Merino Light, 100% merino wool with 420 yards (384m) per skein. The third (Kilim) is dyed in Twist Light which is a 75/25 blend of superwash merino/ nylon and also has 420 yards (384m) per skein. 

We have three really special looks to offer: 

1. Esoteric is a tonal delight in variations of teal, from light to deep, an ocean of colors from wild and stormy to calm and serene.

2.  Spectrum plays with colors on an overall purple base -- there are many many variations of violet and lilac and wisteria and amethyst and mulberry and wine plus highlights of lapis and sapphire and cerulean plus some lime (and most likely a few nuances I have missed).  

3. Kilim has lots of variations on rose, from a pale almost-pink to a richer deep almost-fuchsia.  Sprinkled amidst the flower colors are some blues and greys and ambers.  The mix of warm tones and cool ones creates a fantastic look, with great depth.

The Pattern

 The pattern itself must be gotten from Bronwyn (Casapinka) on her Ravelry page.

This will ensure that you get any needed updates, and will store the pattern in your Ravelry library.