One Week in Iceland! Special Code for Free Shipping!

Well, my DH and I are off to Iceland today!

We are really excited. 

It means, of course, that things will be a bit quiet at EarthFaire.  Our sons and partners will be here and can help with any questions, especially if you run into any difficulties with the computer programming aspect of the website.  And I will be checking emails occasionally (but only occasionally).

Any orders placed from late today through next weekend, however, will have to wait until the last week of June to ship -- so if you are in no rush and don't mind waiting, we want to offer you something special:

Free Shipping!

Any order of $50 or more, from today through next Saturday the 25th, will get free shipping if you use the coupon code midnight-sun when you check out. 

This will work multiple times -- in other words, if you use the code once and then think of something else you'd like, well feel free to use it again.  

I promise to take lots of photos!  And to come back with lots of new color inspirations....