Open-Ended Mitts & Pogies/ Pattern/ Green Mtn Spinnery

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A great pattern from the Green Mountain Spinnery, this one gives you marvelous options for gloves and mittens.

You've likely seen some kind of variations on fingerless gloves and mittens, designed for warmth while allowing one to use one's fingers.

Here Eric Robinson has designed a series of intriguing mitts with elements that you can mix and match depending on what you need for working or playing outside in all kinds of weather.

There are what are called Vermont Sugaring Mitts, which have two fingers separate from the mitten part (index and middle finger) and the tips of these and of the thumb left open to allow for dexterity. I made a pair of these recently for my photographer son so he could stay snug and still manage the intricacies of his camera in cold weather.

There are standard Hunters Mitts where the index finger is simply separated glove-like from the rest of the mitten. And these are the same with the tips of those index fingers and also the thumb left open for added dexterity.

And Eric also guides you through the making of Rowing Pogies, which allow for warmth while rowing a boat or canoe or kayak.


All that is needed is DK yarn, between 120 and 240 yards, depending on the size you plan to make . There are four sizes offered for most of these and the directions are clear and easy.

Fun! Highly recommended.