Ophidian/ Shawl Pattern from Sivia

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Just blown away!

An absolutely stunning piece that can be done in various weights of yarn, this beauty features beads as well -- simply wonderful.

Sivia wrote to us that Ophidian, means "snake like", but (she said) "don't be scared. The snakes are the wavy lines of beaded lace and textures that make this one a really fun and interesting knit!"

"Ophidian is a top-down triangle shawlette that accommodates any gauge yarn up to DK weight (and probably heavier). It begins with garter stitch which makes a graceful transition to the textured lace pattern. You can modify the number of repeats as you like to make a smaller or bigger garment, and the open lace and bead border brings it all home."

We think it is gorgeous -- well, you probably figured that out already.

The pattern itself recommends fingering weight yarn -- about 380 yards -- or DK weight yarn, about the same.

The beads used are either size 6/0 or the 4mm megatamas, which will really add extra loveliness to the garment. You will need 240 beads for the fingering weight size or 178 yards for the DK weight.

This is a wonderful design -- sure to please.