Orphan Skeins: Air Lux: Silver: Pattern Suggestion (TV Tuck)

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Ute's wrap
Ute's wrap

This is an Orphan Skein web page (because we do not have many of these left in stock and because we are offering them at a great discount). 

But it is also kind of a Kit page (because there is a wonderful design that uses this yarn that we want to share with you).


The yarn is from Katia and is called Air Lux.  It is composed of 70% viscose + 30% extrafine merino and has 328 yards/ 50g ball.  Despite that great yardage per weight, it knits up as a fingering weight.

It also has an amazing sheen to it.  And this colorway, named quite appropriately Silver, almost looks like you could use it as a mirror (not really but it really shines!).


Ute Nawratil  recently started offering some lovely patterns all built around tuck stitches.  TV Tuck  is a wonderful introduction to that kind of knitting and is so simple that it could be knit as you watch TV. 

She writes that it is "made of a simple pattern that is repeated continuously, That makes it a great side project, as soon as you have grasped the rhythm (hence the name TV Tuck)."

Her original piece used virtually the same yarn (though a different colorway and a different label), three skeins worth, for a wonderful stole. The length and the width are quite easy to adjust.