Orphan Skeins: ArtYarns' Merino Cloud #611

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Orphan Skeins are high-quality un-used skeins of yarn, of which we have only a few left in stock.  

Hence they are discounted (at least 15%) as we'd love them to find loveing homes....


Merino Cloud is (and I quote ArtYarns' website here), "Light as a feather yet substantial at the same time, this yarn has an ideal combination of Merino wool and the fine Italian cashmere that Artyarns is best known for."


The fiber is 80% Fine Merino 20% Cashmere , and each skein has 437 yards (400m)/ 100g. 

The colorway #611 is variegated yarn, colors on a cream base:  aqua, teal and lime, with a bit of violet as well.

 I see this as a gentle spring flower garden-- perhaps with some added beads as tiny dew drops in the grass.