Orphan Skeins: Cashmere Zauber: Schatten

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A new addition to our Orphan skein series.  

Looking for a good home, there are limited numbers of these left and thus discounted at least 15%.


This is Cashmere Zauber and is a DK weight yarn with 80% Virgin Wool/ 20% Cashmere and having 153 yards per 50 gram hank. 

The yarn has been dyed in very long color runs, so long that not all the colors appear in any one hank. 

#1508 is also called the Schatten (Shadow) colorway. The colorway seems to range from a light grey into deeper tones. 

The photos show a disk with significant amounts of cream but those are no longer in stock.  All the ones we have are lighter to darker grays.




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