Orphan Skeins: Ella Rae Lace Merino: Diverse Artistic

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Another web page featuring some lovely Orphan Skeins!

These are defined as wonderfully high quality skeins of yarn that we only have one or two left in (occasionally three but that is rare). And so we are putting them up as themselves and at a great discount (at least 15%), hoping that you see them and find the perfect skein for your next project. 

The idea is to get inspired! :-)


Ella Rae Lace Merino is a fingering weight yarn with 460 yards/ 100g skein.  It is 100% superwash merino and a wonderful feel. 

1.  The first we have is a colorway called Diverse Artistic.    I love it when a colorway comes with a name! :-)  

This is a striking blend of colors I would never have thought to put together but which look lovely.  There are a few blues, from a light sky blue, a deeper medium blue, a deeper still indigo and there are some purples along with reds and corals.  

2.  Moulin Rouge is a colorway that is -- to put it simply -- brilliant.  Fuchsia and rose, purple and wine, of varying tonalities -- the whole is quite striking indeed.  (Sorry, sold out)