Orphan Skeins: Huasco from Araucania Yarns/ Navy

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Orphan Skeins are defined as wonderfully high quality skeins of yarn that we only have one or two left in (occasionally three but that is rare). And so we are putting them up as themselves and at a great discount (at least 15%), hoping that you see them and find the perfect skein for your next project. 


A yarn from Araucania Yarns, Huasco is a plied 100% Extra Fine Merino, with 454 yards (416 meters) to its 100 gram skein.

This is a wonderful fingering weight yarn, great for next-to-skin wear.

The one we show on this web page is a tone-on-tone.

Navy is the rather plain name for quite a lovely tonal colorway. This is a bit muted. It is a play on variations of indigo, kind of like old denim, with soft tonalities from a pale to a fairly deep hue.

I like this for quite a few patterns -- if you'd like suggestions, I'd be delighted to work with you.