Orphan Skeins: Kama (3 Colorways)

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Only one colorway is left!


Another in our Orphan Skein series.  These are high quality yarns of which we only have a very few left.

And so we offer them at a significant discount (at least 15%), hoping they can find a loving home.


A worsted weight yarn from Noro, Kama has been discontinued (alas) but we still have a few unused skeins on hand. 

A few of these have slightly crumpled labels and for some the yarn looks a bit untidy but all are unused and a wonderful boon to creating. 

The yarn becomes very soft and delicious especially after its first washing. Take a look at these Comments  about it on Ravelry. 

Kama has 82 yards(75 meters) per 50g skein and is composed of 26% Wool/ 25% Silk/ 25% Alpaca/ 12% Angora/ 12% Mohair

We have a few each of three different colorways.  All give the signature Noro loooooong color runs: 

#2 is mostly blues, with variations from deep indigo to turquoise and some golden brown areas and tweeds mixed in. 

 #3 is mostly greens from pine to true green to teal and with some purples as well

#4 is mostly olives, deep to light into a bright spring green with a bit of brown as well. 


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