Orphan Skeins: Kidlin/ Handpainted

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Black Orchid
Black Orchid

This is now a set of Orphan skeins!

Here we offer skeins of high-quality yarn that we have in limited quantities.  These yarns have been discontinued so once they are gone, that is it.   

They are being offered at a superb price (at least 15% off) while supplies last.  

A great opportunity to expand your yarn horizons, so to speak...


This is a result of some dramatic organizing I did.  This lovely yarn from Louet was discontinued some time ago but I just found a number of skeins hiding in plain sight!  :-)

KidLin is a blend of 49% linen, 35% kid mohair and 16% nylon. There are 250 yards per 50 gram skein and works up as a lace weight yarn.  I like to think of this yarn as a fingering weight as well -- the mohair creates a halo and (in my opinion) when used with somewhat larger needles it shows up best. In fact, because of the mohair,  it has also been used successfully as DK weight too.

Take a look at the data on Kidlin as posted on Ravelry here

The only reservation I have on these skeins is that they are a bit hard to wind up, as the mohair tends to "stick".  It can be done and is worth it; I just wanted to advise patience.  


The Great Adirondack Yarn Company handpainted some of these yarns for Louet, and this is one of their special colorways.

Quite a treat for the eyes.

As the mohair and the linen take the dyes slightly differently there is an additional depth to the hues.




Need I go on?

Hydrangea is a lovely mix of cool colors -- a calm lake in the summertime.  I see varying blues and teals and greens in a lovely mix. 

Black Orchid is a striking blend of peacock colors -- blue, purple, teal and black.  Very dramatic.  


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