Orphan Skeins: Luci - Borealis

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Our Orphan Skein Yarns are high-quality yarns that we have a limited quantity of. .  

They are discounted significantly as we would like them to find a good home.


This is an interesting fingering weight wool blend from Louisa Harding called Luci.  Of 41% Virgin Wool, 41% Acrylic, 18% Viscose, each pre-wound ball has 349 yards/ 100g. 

It is categorized by KFI as fingering/ sock weight (6.75-8 sts = 1").

The yarn is plied and the colorways have lovely semi-long color runs, long enough to create great sections of color.  You can get an idea of the look it creates by perusing these pattern pages. 

This colorway is called Borealis, and is a blend of varying depths of brown with some dark reds and greys as well.


And yum!  Take a look at this new (and free) pattern here, using Luci and letting the color changes really shine!




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