Orphan Skeins: MadTosh Sock: Soot

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A very close-up.
A very close-up.

Orphan Skeins are unused, high-quality yarns, of which we have a very limited number. 

And thus they are discounted dramatically. Can you give them a good home?


This is Sock from Madeline Tosh, 100% merino wool, 2 ply,  395 yards (361 meters) per skein.  

This colorway is called Soot.  It is dashes and dots on a cream background.  The main contast color is a deep navy but there are subtle dots of surprise colors.

We tried with the photos on this page to show you the nuances which make it special.  The second photo on this page is an extremed close-up,  to show it a bit better.