Orphan Skeins: Malabrigo Sock

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The cowl mentioned using these colorways in this yarn (crocheted).
The cowl mentioned using these colorways in this yarn (crocheted).

This is a recent addition to our Orphan Skeins:  lovely unused high-quality yarns of which we only have a few left.  Thus they are discounted (at least 15%) in hopes of finding them a new home.


This is Sock from Malabrigo, with about 440 yards/ 100g skein of 100% superwash merino.

Sand Bank: I have difficulty finding the right names for hues in the brown family.  The best way I can describe Sand Bank is to say it is an almost-solid with variations of tone.  It looks more to me like wet sand than dry, a pale tree trunk in the distance in the forest, or maybe a delicious mushroom.  Does that help? 

Fortaleza: This is a variegated fiesta of colors including greens and purples, blues and reds, magentas and violets.  



Plus there is a lovely free crochet pattern which uses one skein of each of these!  Get it here via Ravelry.





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