Orphan Skeins: Mountain Colors Ruby River: 2 Choices

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3-Ply Montana Wool
3-Ply Montana Wool

Another set for our Orphan Skeins series!

Orphan Skeins are high-quality skeins of yarn we have left over from kits, usually only one or two of each -- and presented here at a great discount, at least 15%.)


From Mountain Colors Yarn, here we have two bulky weight yarns, dyed in the same colorway but each with a very distinct look. 

Moguls is classified as super-bulky --- it is a boucle that is quite lovely and striking.  Wiuth 65 yards/ 100g. 

3-Ply Montana Wool has since been discontinued.   A 100% wool yarn, this has 150 yards/ 100g. 

Both our yarns are dyed in the colorway called Ruby River.    This is an awesomely lovely blend of varying reds, from a deep dark magenta into true reds and even a touch of orange.