Orphan Skeins: Noro Mirai: Green-Copper-Violet

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And once again, a new entry into our Orphan Skeins category. 

There are only one or two left of each of these and so we are offering them at a greatly discounted price. 

We hope you will find a wonderful use for these lovelies....


From Noro, this is Mirai, a 40% cotton/ 25% silk/ 25% vscose/ 10% nylon, with 328 yards (300m) per 100g skein. 

The color doesn't have a name.  It is #14 and is predominantly greens, violets, and coppers in a lovely mix that very subtly and gradually changes colors. 

I used two of these to knit a beautiful Wingspan Shawl.  We were on vacation with some friends, one of whom wanted to learn how to knit.  I brought enough for both of us:  for me, it was a simple project that was great for knitting while daydreaming, and for her it was a great learning project.  


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