Orphan Skeins: Noro Silk Garden Sock

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#S358:  Nighttime colors
#S358: Nighttime colors
#S84: Fiery colors
#S84: Fiery colors

We are continuing to find and offer yarns as Orphan Skeins.

Sometimes we only have one or two (rarely three) skeins leftover from kits and we have them here as "orphans" -- at a greatly reduced price (at least 15%) for as long as they last. 


This yarn is from Noro, their Silk Garden Sock, 40% wool/ 25% silk/ 25% nylon/ 10% mohair.  As with most Noro yarns, these are dyed in very long color runs, which gives a most intriguing affect to the knit.  They are minimally processes and if they feel a bit rough to your hand, bear in mind that they soften majorly on washing. 

Each of these gives 328 yards (300m) per 100g ball.  

We have a few of two colorways: 

1.  #S358 is mostly nightime colors, including gays, black, varying blues.  

2.  #S84 is a fiery blend running mostly in the red family, with some yellow-orange at one end and wine into brown-magenta at the other.  (Sorry, sold out)