Orphan Skeins: Painted Desert: Tonal Colorways

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Rio Grande
Rio Grande
Violet Hill
Violet Hill

And one more set of yarns to offer in our Orphan Skeins series.  (Orphan Skeins are high-quality skeins of yarn we have left over from kits, usually only one or two of each -- and presented here at a great discount, at least 15%.)


What we offer on this web page are individual skeins of brand-new tonal colorways in Painted Desert -- subtle, gentle, and oh-so-lovely indeed.

We only have two colorways left and just a very few balls of each. 

The Yarn

Painted Desert yarns are subtly self-striping beauties, 100% Superwash Wool with approx 437 yards per 100g.

The yarn is plied and each ply is a different color, and each ply changes hues slightly -- some more than others -- so each whole is a rich melody of color with much depth.

These new colorways are all tonal ones, plays on one basic color with quite subtle color changes.

1.  Rio Grande is blues, subtly shifting like a deep summer lake.

2.  Violet Hill has the most variegation, with deep violets and light violets to mirror summer's glory.