Orphan Skeins: Painted Sky

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Another set for our Orphan Skeins series!

Orphan Skeins are high-quality skeins of yarn we have left over from kits, usually only one or two of each -- and presented here at a great discount, at least 15%.)


Painted Sky is a yarn from Knitting Fever, similar to their Painted Desert, but a light worsted weight. 

With loooooong color runs, it is made up of 100% Superwash Wool and has about 218 yards per 100g.

Each ply is individually colored and yet matched with each of the other plies so that the whole is a wonderful melding of colors in a gradual transition.  The colors are twisted around each other so they are slightly tweedy and change gradually, giving a very fine look indeed.  

We have two colorways to offer here: 

Dusk is a cool twilight-y color, purples to greens mostly.  

Wine/ Violet is a marvelous range of many colors -- sort of the sunset over the desert.  I see gold and red and brown blending into greens into violets and wines.  Quite something.